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Tips for High School Freshmen

It's that time of the year again! Where summer comes to a close and the books start to open. Yup, it's back to school. While this isn't the most exciting part of the year, several of you are going to start high school, and I know from my experience that was pretty nerve wracking based on my own experiences, and I have written answered some general questions freshmen have about high school:

Freshmen FAQ:

I'm so nervous for high school, what do I do??
Relax, take deep breaths, it's only high school. Thousands of students go to high school a day and so far, we're all doing just fine. Just remind yourself that you can do it! You're not the first kid to go, and definitely not the last so your nerves are normal.

Do freshmen actually get bullied?
At my school-no. Were they teased during pep rallies-yes. It was a harmless chant of "boo" that introduces the freshmen as a part of our family. No one get's food thrown on them. No one get's pushed around. No one gets abused. The only time people mention freshmen in negative light is just the occasional slight head shake and mutter of "freshmen". But to be completely honest, most of the time upperclassmen are too wrapped up in their own business to actually notice freshmen, let alone pick on them.

Do people get pushed in lockers?
Our lockers were way to small to push in bodies so no, but if you're locker's are huge- still no.

I'm scared I'll get lost on my campus!
I personally got lost on the first day because it was a class way in the back of the school. Make sure to bring your map and ask where the class is if you don't know! I asked someone and they were very nice about it. Don't panic about getting lost, or being late, teachers will understand it's your first day.

I don't like my schedule, now what?
I entered the year not liking my schedule as well, but just bare through it for a couple weeks and I'm sure you'll get used to it. If you really don't like it, ask the office to change it, but otherwise, waiting won't hurt. I learned to love my schedule by the end of freshman year.

Relationship advice for freshman year?
Honestly, not a big deal. If you have a boyfriend/girlfriend, that's cool. If you don't, that's cool. I thought everyone in high school got into a relationship. No one really cares.


If you want to make new friends don't be (too) shy
Some of us are born with fantastic socializing skills, while the rest of us...are not. And that's perfectly okay. It's incredibly easy to say "Don't be shy! Say hi!" but in reality it can be intimidating at times (especially for us shy-er folks).

Freshman year is when everyone gets to meet each other, so go ahead and make small talk and ask the usual questions freshmen tend to ask:
-"Uh, so what middle school did you go to?"
-"What's your schedule?"
-"Do you know (insert name, class, teacher)?"

Those questions are formulaic (please don't bring a notecard with pre-written questions), it can surely lead to a conversation, and perhaps a new buddy! Remember, if you're nervous about the first week or so of high school, so is everyone else. My mistake freshman year was I found everyone intimidating and never talked much. Later on I found out that some students who I thought I would never talk to were people who I genuinely found out to be interesting and funny.

Don't be judgmental
Okay, real talk. Another reason why it was a struggle to make friends freshmen year in my experience was because I outright judged people. I would make tiny mental notes in my head like "She looks way smarter than me, she must be a know-it-all" (this girl is now a close friend of mine btw) or "Oh my god that girl looks like a popular cheerleader type. No way could she be nice" (this girl I interviewed for a school activity and she was so sweet and down to earth. Wasn't a cheerleader.) And the worst of all "Oh no way, they're not good enough to be my friend. I'll look like a loser with them hanging around. Do not judge people! A majority of the time you'll be wrong, and they'll be different from what you perceived. Will there be crappy people? Yes of course, but that doesn't mean you throw away the chance of meeting the people who can become wonderful friends in the future.

Get up & do something you like!
Some freshmen tend to ignore spirit days and school events, which can make the year pretty boring. Everyone says to join "as many things as possible" which can be admittedly difficult when you've just started to immerse yourself into a new school life.

You can join things that you're interested in- gradually.If you're scared to join new clubs, groups, or sports teams, remember that you don't have to join them all! Try out one new club, then if you decide that you enjoy clubs, join more! It really is a great way to find your niche.

Pep assembly's, football games, and school dances are also a big party of high school, and once again, if it all seems like it's too much, just attend one or a couple. Once you go to a school dance or sporting event, you'll see it's not that bad and it's actually quite fun! Don't miss out on these things because you're too nervous or you think it won't be worth it. Push your comfort zone little by little, it'll make things more interesting.

Do things outside of school
This is a no brainer for most of you, but for me, I tend to focus on academics and I rarely did anything for fun outside of school. Same goes for those who are focused on music or sports, make sure you do something every once in a while to relax. Freshman year is the least stressful year, so go out to the movies with your friends, or just hang out. Don't focus on just high school, find an outside hobby too. I know I wasted a lot of time just fretting about grades etc. While that's important, find some time to go outside.


If anyone has ever told you that freshmen year is the easiest year concerning academics, they're completely correct. Less homework load, and more free time. Whether you take the regular route or the honors path, freshmen year tends to be the easiest when it comes to grades. So on that note, don't slip up. Don't develop the awful habit of procrastination. Remember, you're still the to learn!

-Avoid avoid avoid procrastination. IF you can't help it, then try your best to meet deadlines!
-Don't get on a teacher's bad side, do your best in class. & when they tell you to listen, please listen because they have enough students to deal with.
-Be organized. Yeah that's right don't be that one student who can't find a pencil in class every single day.
- Do you're homework You actually have to study for some classes you're not that great at.
-If you still feel overwhelmed, (this is also normal), please talk to your teachers. They are there to guide you through things, and they'll probably be impressed with how you had the motivation to approach them for help. If you don't want to ask your teacher, go to a friend who knows what they're doing.

Otherwise, academics can be a breeze.


People in high school over-analyze their appearance. I think it's a little hard to get out of this mind-set because we are all growing together and trying to find who we are. The way we most associate with our personality and who we are is through our clothing/appearance. So here are some tid bits that I learned throughout high school.

Wear what you want
"Man, what if people make fun of me though?" I promise you, no one (at least at my school), has gone through the agonizing effort of making fun of someone based on what they're wearing. And if they do, SO WHAT. It's high school, in the words of the internet "you do you".

Wanna try on make-up? Go for it. Want to chop off all your hair and dye it maroon? Go for it. Want to wear baggy flannel and a wetsuit...go for it sure. High school is the perfect time to try and just see what fits you. It can be a fun way to express yourself. (Unless of course your school is super strict. I went to a public school so it was easier).

Remember to wear what's comfortable for you. We all have different definition of comfort. What's comfortable for one person might not be comfortable for you, and as long as you feel confident or relaxed wearing what you want, that's all that matters.

Shower. Wash your hair. Do not let go of yourself. The cleaner you feel, the more motivation you will have to succeed. Besides it's just a good way to keep bein' healthy.

Okay, those are my tips. I promise you freshmen year will be absolutely fine, and don't forget to have fun! Be happy, smile, and get through the year successfully.

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